6am-9am Sober rave, fitness classes & yoga

9:30am-6pm A ‘wellbeing at work’ conference with talks, panels & workshops

Afternoon Live music & standup comedy

All day Free massage, meditation & fitness classes

7pm-10pm Drinks with counsellors, neuroscience, dancehall fitness & a tech smackdown

11pm-6am Top DJs & a full-on rave up across three rooms

Please note: we don’t expect you to come for the whole 24 hours! You can come & go as you please through the day. Learn more


Soul sisters

Soul Sisters & Weaver Bros Plus very special guests

Omeara Live

What happens when Soul Sisters Fitness host a party with their brothers Weaver Bros? It’s a start to your day like no other! You don’t want to miss this epic pre-work party; join them for an upbeat & energising program of dancing, boxing, and performances from some very special guests, with an eclectic sound track all to kick start your day!

  • Weaver Bros
  • Sanchia (Hip Hop Yoga)
  • Weaver Bros
  • Soul Sisters & GLOVE London (Punch Out Your Demons)
  • Weaver Bros
  • Isa Welly & Keeley Dann


Yoga & meditation with Dipu Das

The Siding

Dipu Das born and raised in Kerala India, with more than 16 Year Experience teaching Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. Dipu is a dynamic, inspirational teacher of Yoga and Meditation who bring his wisdom, high energy and humour to every class he teaches. Start your day in the right way.


Breakfast bar

The Siding Bar

Grab a brew, a juice, a healthy snack. Have a chat with your pals, meet new friends, recharge for another round of yoga!


Meditation with Andre Berry

Mezzanine Bar

Want to tune out, relax your mind and get fresh for the afternoon’s panels & productivity workshops? Then let Andre (Independent Teacher of Transcendental and Vedic Meditation) take you there with Meditation sessions that will take you to a place of peace and tranquillity from dawn, and an evening session for all you night owls. (Offered on a first come, first served basis)

Creative Professional

Self care for creative entrepreneurs

Mezzanine Bar

Facilitated by Help Musicians UK's Director of External Affairs Christine Brown, in this workshop you will hear from Goldierocks, Chris Madden and more, sharing their stories and practical advice on how best to practice self-care when starting, running and growing your own creative business.


15 minute massages

The Siding Bar

Our incredible onsite masseurs from Inspirit will work away the tension, getting you ready for another meeting, workout or moshpit ;0) (Offered on a first come, first served basis)

Chimps at work

Chimps at work: Startups, Careers, Burnout

Omeara Live

Do you find yourself stressed out, your emotions making your decisions for you, your work life impacting your home life? Then this session is for you, as your Chimp may be running your life.

  • Welcome to Getahead Festival - Dan Kirby, creator & co-founder of Getahead
  • Introductions from MC & Moderator - James Routledge from Sanctus
Charlotte Holmes

Soul Sisters Fitness

The Siding

If you couldn’t get up for Soul Rise, or simply haven’t had enough fitness, the girls are staying for the morning and will be putting you through your paces! Work it! (Offered on a first come, first served basis)

  • Charlotte Holmes fitness class
  • Acro Yoga with Pip Elysium

Unstoppable bastards

Unstoppable Bastards!

Mezzanine Bar

The irrepressible Paul Mort (the North East’s loudest man) is on a mission to make men unstoppable. He’ll inspire you with his story of how a bi-polar dad on the verge of suicide took back control of his life, transformed his business, saved his marriage and became unstoppable.


Sports Panel: From Locker Room to Board Room


As our top-level sports men and women strive to reach optimum performance, they are thrown into a pressure cooker of expectation, sacrificing a large part of their lives to pursue their goals whilst making huge compromises in their personal lives in order to achieve success.

In this session we’re going to explore the parallels between the high performance environments of sport and business, and in particular discuss the importance of emotional training in the development of the person behind the performer.

Ian Braid Founder of DOCIAsport Ltd. Formerly CEO of British Athletes Commission (BAC).
Kate Haywood Former GB Swimmer; Double Olympian; Head Personal Trainer; Athlete Mentor with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust; and Consultant with EP Business in Hospitality.
Wendy Hilton Life Coach and Soft Tissue Therapist working with British Athletics. Previously worked with the English Institute of Sport and within Disability sport in New Zealand.
Marilyn Okoro TeamGB Athlete; Double Olympian; and Ambassador for The Mintridge Foundation.

Live music

Music Minds Matter

The Siding

In December 2017 Help Musicians launched Music Minds Matter, a 24/7 confidential mental health support line and service, following the findings of 'Can Music Make You Sick?', the world's first academic research into music and mental health which revealed that the music community may be up to three times more likely to experience depression that the general public. This session chaired by Help Musicians UK's Chief Executive Richard Robinson, the panel including Adam Ficek, Chris Madden and Sally Anne Gross will explore this much publicised topic.

Kelly Convey

Lunchtime Cantina Comedy


Have a laugh over your lunch with a selection of the UK’s finest stand up talent. Hear from Jonathan Hipkiss, Scott Adams, Kelly Convey and Desmond O'Conner! GETA-MEGALOLS

Strategic Coach

Strategic Coach Workshop

Mezzanine Bar

LEARNING. CONFIDENCE. AMBITION. These three mindsets are fundamental to living a bigger and better future. During this 60-minute session we’ll share with you three proven strategies for always making your learning greater than your experience, your confidence greater than your comfort, and your ambition greater than your capability. The future is yours. Make it great.

Strategic Coach is the world’s number one entrepreneur coaching programme, with workshops across the world & HQ’d in Toronto, Canada.

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters Fitness

Omeara Live

  • Soul Sister Fitness - Jess King
  • Glove London & Soul Sisters Fitness (Body & Box)

Jon Salmon

Jon Salmon & Friends

The Siding

The headband guy in the photo has collated some of the finest minds in mental health. See Jon Salmon (Mental Health Campaigner & part of team Heads Together) interview Jonny Benjamin (Man on the Bridge & Mental Health Campaigner), Jake Tyler (BBC Mind Over Marathon), Darshan Sanghrajka (Being ManKind) & Sean Fletcher (TV Presenter & Young Minds Ambassador).

Mums in Tech

Social Sorted #YourTechMums The Balancing Act - Work, Life, Career, Kids

Mezzanine Bar

Just how do you get ahead after you’ve been out of work for a decade to raise your kids? Maybe you're trying to fit in meaningful, stimulating work around the school run? Then this workshop is for you. Hosted by Fran & Nats of Social Sorted AKA @YourTechMums – the company runs Getahead’s social channels. With special guests - Rachelle Denton, Senior Creative Strategist, Sally J Freeman Sally runs Love Live Music UK specialising in Digital PR & online Social Media for Musicians & Artists, and is the founder of DevelopHer and Aleks Certa owner of startup The Social Way.

Addiction in the Entertainment Industry

Addiction in the Entertainment Industry

The Siding

It's no secret that the entertainment industry can be an environment of widespread substance abuse and addiction. This panel moderated by Help Musicians UK's Director of External Affairs Christine Brown, will speak to a number of industry figures including Kerry O'Brien of Young Urban Arts Foundation, DJ and promoter Danny Gould, Leena Lewis of OurKidSister, and Matthew Bayfield, Ambassador for eating disorder charity BEAT.

Scott Morrison

Street Wisdom Workshop

The Siding

Have you got a problem you can’t crack? Personal or work? Then join Scott Morrison for an afternoon of Street Wisdom. He’ll teach you mindfulness techniques and then send you off into Getahead Festival to find the answers to your problems, sharing with a group at the end of the session. Don’t miss this session, a concept that is going global.

Michael Acton Smith MBE

Michael Acton Smith talk & Q&A

Omeara Live

Want to better manage stress? Then who better to learn from than the CEO of Calm, the meditation app downloaded 25,000,000 times and awarded Apple's ‘App of the Year 2017’. Michael was also the creator of Moshi Monsters, and his entrepreneurial experiences led him to create Calm, with a vision to build the biggest brand in mental health. Don't miss this!

Bijoy Goswami

Texas Cantina Takeover: Pt. 1 The Human Fugue


Bet you didn’t know this: London/Hackney and Austin/Texas are Sister Cities. London is nearly 2,000 years old – steward of the scientific method and practitioner of democracy and entrepreneurship. These 3 processes underpin our modern world in the areas of phenomena, rights and resources. But there’s a missing fourth: meaning. Enter Austin, a spry 180 years and the “be yourself city.” It’s a living lab for the stewardship of meaning. So what’s going on here?

Austinite and global citizen Bijoy Goswami will lead you in a workshop to better understand the context of the world in which most of us find ourselves: how we got here and how we each can purposefully move into meaning and integrate it into our lives.

Fred Schmidt MBE

Texas Cantina Takeover: Pt. 2 Uniting Communities, supporting Individuals


This conversation will explore the relationships being built across the Atlantic that are joining London together with Austin… the U.K. with Texas… and getting the attention of the British Foreign Office and Buckingham Palace. Fred Schmidt MBE and Jacqueline Hughes from Austin… will discuss with Tim Harper and Pru Ashby from London… what’s been going on. And you’ll be drawn in as well to learn how you can get on board!

Diluk Dias

Wellbeing in the Workplace

The Siding

Join Diluk Dias, Managing Director of founder sponsor AEI Group, as he moderates a panel including Simon Gunning, CEO of men’s mental health charity Calm, George Taktak founder of Instagram community How Mental, Jana Dowling, founder The 888 Collective, Darren Hemmings, from Motive Unknown.

You spend most of your life at work, so why accept the office as a source of stress? Can you work to hit business KPIs yet also have a place of wellbeing?


Nightline presents 'Working With Your Ears'


How well do you listen? We mean, realllllllly listen.

We at the Nightline Association value listening as a skill above all others, and we want to share with you the reasons why really good listening is good for your health, and the health of those around you.

Come and join us for our Active Listening 101 to learn what a difference you can make by reflectively listening to those around you. (Did you know that drop-out rates are 40.6% lower at Universities who offer a Nightline service?)

We look forward to “hearing” you there!

Ben Pearce

Help Musicians UK Showcase

Omeara Live

This showcase highlights artists who have all been supported by Help Musicians UK. On the lineup is Elsa Hewitt a singer, songwriter and producer who received funding from Help Musicians UK via the Future Bubblers programme, and internationally renowned DJ Ben Pearce.

Alan Heary

Alan Heary Workshop

Mezzanine Bar

Go in “the zone” with top endurance sports coach Alan Heary. Flying in from Dublin especially for Getahead, Alan has trained top flight pro-boxers, Paralympians, and runs Ireland’s toughest cycling race (you have to be a proper mental to tackle it). Learn how to apply these mindsets to your day.

Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald Keynote

The Siding

Jenni – our co-founder – said that Geoff was the best speaker she’d ever seen. So he’s here for you! From leading the global HR team at corporate giant Unilever, he is now a much sought-after speaker. He inspires and provokes organisations to put purpose at the centre of everything they do and to challenge the stigma of mental illness in the workplace. Don’t miss this.


Dr Jack

Tech on the brain with Dr Jack Lewis


Best-selling author, broadcaster and neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis is hosting an interactive session to evaluate the impact of modern technology on our minds. As it’s London Tech Week we’re going to explore the dark side of digital. This is a great opportunity to understand how your mind interacts with your smart phone. Dr Jack’s new book ‘The Science Of Sin’, launches in the UK on 12th July 2018.

This session brought to you in collaboration with Ambassador Theatre Group’s amazing Creative Learning team.

Melody Kane

No Kane No Gain

Omeara Live

Melody Kane is a killer club DJ with infectious energy. A resident at BBC Radio 1Xtra she also hosts ‘No Kane No Gain’ the ultimate dancefloor workout sweat session. So start your night as you mean to go on, with a pump on! (Offered on a first come, first served basis)

Tech Off

The Tech Off: Soundclash!

Omeara Live

Known as “the lovechild of TED talks & WWE” this event is a staple of the Shoreditch tech scene, but has been taken to SXSW, Cannes Lions & DMX Dublin. This is the second year of a music-tech special – Soundclash – in partnership with London Tech Week. MC’d by MC Danimal AKA “The Beyonce of Tech” expect 5 minute talks from top speakers on the latest music-tech trends, plus Rocky music & man-thigh. WARNING! This is the last time you'll experience The Tech Off in 2018!

David Downes

'Break free from the glassbox' Workshop

Mezzanine Bar

Joe, David, Sam & Rebecca (Pilotfish) are on a mission to help people who are stuck, break free from the glassbox. Highly experienced psychotherapists David and Rebecca Downes break down Joe’s story of how a miserable, ego-driven, trapped young entrepreneur broke free to find freedom, location independence and happiness. We’ll discuss anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviour and the feeling state addiction protocol (proven to break behavioural addictions).

Soul sisters

Soul Sisters Fitness

The Siding

  • Biceps & Bronzer - Lifted Class
  • Glove London & Soul Sisters Fitness


Post-work drinks with Help Musicians

The Siding Bar

Join Help Musicians UK, panellists, mental health professionals and experts in an informal setting, to discuss, exchange information and ideas from the day's events.

Tech Off

Curated by Sister

The Siding

Hosted by the irrepressible Carly Wilford and her Sister Collective, expect block party vibes and much dance floor action. Lineup includes Carly Wilford, Shan McGinley, L U C Y, Barely Royal, Sherelle, Jaguar, Aesthetic Kid, Vacant, Tayylor Made, and Kareful.

Desert Island

Desert Island Disco


We are asking London’s finest party DJs to bring ONLY the tunes they’d take to their Desert Island… it’s all killer no filler 'til daybreak.

Mind State

Mind State album launch party

Omeara Live

Mind State is the debut album on Getahead Records and we are thrilled to host its official launch party at Getahead Festival! An exclusive 18 track album of Drum & Bass featuring The Prodigy, Chase & Status, Sub Focus, Spor and many more, all to raise money for Music Minds Matter. Don't miss some very special guests throwing down until dawn! Buy the album here!